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Who we are:

  • We are a language school run by a family with two different cultures
  • We love Barcelona and its surroundings
  • We love people from every place, every culture, any race
  • We love teaching languages and we make our living out of that
  • We love life, cultures and tourism

Service Terms:

  • Our courses are group oriented, although there’s the possibility of having private tutoring
  • Students will be grouped per grammar level
  • The program consists on morning classes and cultural visits and experiences in the afternoon. Excursions will be organized on Saturdays. Sundays is the free day
  • Accommodation will be a choice between hostels, students rooms or host families.

School Objectives:

  • To serve students from USA and around the world in their efforts to learn Spanish and the Spanish&Catalan culture
  • To offer a secure environment and confidence to families who need to sent their children to Barcelona
  • To offer work opportunities to spanish young people as teachers and tour guides for our students

Our students:

  • Our courses are addressed to individuals, school groups, and also to families.
  • Why choose us?:  Studying abroad is an adventure where students will create unforgettable memories. Notwithstanding that, parents know moral risks are always there, out of their control. Morals are an important aspect to watch over. We assure the safest and cleanest environment for ALL students.

Education Program:

  • We  teach Spanish to teens and university students using official curriculum
  • We offer cultural activities including museums, exhibitions, historical tours, cooking classes and more
  • We taste the local cuisine in the most typical local restaurants
  • We also offer the possibility of having ski classes in the Pyrenees in winter


  • Barcelona is a cosmopolitan capital and Europe’s third most visited city. It attracts visitors from all over the world
  • Our office and school is in Sant Cugat, 30 minutes from Barcelona Center. We are based in a natural green area with many families traditional who are willing to host students
  • Students participate in daily activities in order to have a cultural and language interchange with our mediterranean legacy

Students will explore a new country, its culture and its culture while mingling with locals

Stroll through new streets, shop in local food markets, and enjoy the great arquitecture

Boost your experience while combining different cultural activities along with spanish classes

Enjoy the safety of an organization sensitive to keeping morals as part of our values



Joan Josep Ozcariz

Joan Josep Ozcariz


Joanjo has managed the school for 5 years focusing on English teaching. He really loves languages as he speaks Spanish, English, French and Catalan. Now he is focusing the schools know-how in spreading spanish language

Maria Ruiz & Joana Marti

Maria Ruiz & Joana Marti

Cooking teachers

Yun Choi

Yun Choi


Yun keeps all details under control. Nothing escapes her coordination. She will be your best help! Born in South Korea, has been living in Barcelona for more than 25 years

 Sara Tomás

Sara Tomás

Spanish teacher and tour guide

Oliver Ozcariz

Oliver Ozcariz

Spanish teacher and guide

Oliver is a mathematician but he loves teaching languages. He is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Catalan and speaks a bit of German. Chiness is his next level

 Jordi Ventura

Jordi Ventura

Historian and tour guide

Do you want to work for our school?

You can partner with the school promoting our courses at  your school or university. This is a part time job ideal for students. We will insert your telephone and email in our promotional materials so that students can contact you for more details.

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